Are You Betting on the Chicago Bulls?

betting on the chicago bulls

The Chicago Bulls are coming into this off season in a very good place with very good young talent and they are not only excited for the upcoming season but are very positive about their chances of winning the championship. This is something that has caught the attention of many other basketball players and teams around the country as well. As a matter of fact there are so many people who have started betting on the Chicago Bulls in hopes that they can make a fortune when the season starts in just a few weeks.

One thing you must understand about the Bulls is that they are always a very good team to watch. The biggest reason why this is so is because they have one of the best players in the NBA, which is Derrick Rose. He is also considered one of the best shooters in the league and is one of the best ball handlers in the entire league. With him playing the point guard position the Bulls will be able to spread the defense out and make the opponents one on offense.

Even though he is a great player the one thing that may make him lose a bet is that he has never won a championship. So if he doesn’t win this year then this will be his first time. It will take a very long time for him to get his first title and even more time to do so again. But with all of this being said there are still a lot of people who are betting on him to win the title this year.

The other big reason that many people are betting on the Chicago Bulls this year is because of what they are going to be able to do with the number one draft pick that they have. Last year they traded their first round pick to the Phoenix Suns for Tinsley. Tinsley is an extremely talented player that many think would be able to turn into a very good player in the NBA. This was supposed to be a very good move for them and they hope that Tinsley can be that great player that the Bulls have been looking for years.

Another big reason that people are betting on the Bulls is because of what the coach does.

Phil Jackson is one of the best coaches in the whole league and he is one of the reasons why the Bulls were able to reach the championship last year and he is definitely the best coach to have in Chicago at this point in time.

So if you want to start betting on the Chicago Bulls this year and see if you can make some money, then you should definitely start betting. on them now. You may find that they are actually not the best team to bet on, but they will be a pretty decent one and will give you a lot of fun when they win.